Company Name Storage Capacity Servers System usage
Southwest University of Science and Technology
SiChuan Mianyang Qinglong Road 59#

6 TB Master server: SLES 11SP2 / Ext3

10 chunk servers: SLES 11SP2 / Ext3

1 metalogger(s): SLES 11SP2 / Ext3

20 client machines: SLES 11SP2 / Ext3

Media Streaming Storage
Dommel Hosting
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Hosting / Backup / Storage Solutions
4 TB Master server: Debian

3 chunk servers: Debian

3 metalogger(s): Debian

10 client machines: Debian

Backups for internal use and customer external use.
JC Global Resources de Mexico S.A de C.V

IT Services
5 TB Master server: UBUNTU 12.04 ext4

2 chunk servers: UBUNTU 12.04 ext4

3 client machines: Rackspace Private Cloud

Private cloud with rackspace private cloud distro and WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!!
acec0de Computer Repair Chorley
pr7 1sx

IT Services
2 TB Master server: windows 7

1 chunk servers: ntfs

acec0de computer repair Chorley 07890281216 we deal with all computer related problems laptops and desktops, networks & more
Maila Networks
R. Camaqua 459, Porto Alegre RS Brazil

IT Services
32 TB Master server: Debian Squeeze/ext4

6 chunk servers: Debian

3 metalogger(s): Debian

3 client machines: Centos5/ext3

Storage for video, voice recordings and virtual machines.

80 TB Master server: ext4

4 chunk servers: ext4

2 metalogger(s): ext4

1500 client machines: ntfs

Lugo di Vicenza, Italy

IT Services
12 TB Master server: Debian 6/ext4

3 chunk servers: Debian 6/ext4

3 metalogger(s): Debian 6/ext4

3 client machines: Debian 6/ext4

Storage for OpenNebula private cloud with KVM Virtualization
Columbia University CS Dept
500 w 120 st, ny ny 10027

130 TB Master server: linux ubuntu

45 chunk servers: linux ubuntu

2 metalogger(s): lniux ubuntu

60 client machines: linux ubuntu/windows

storage for experimental data results.
Tsinghua University
Beijing China

30 TB Master server: CentOS 5.6 X64/ext4

2 chunk servers: CentOS 5.6 X64/ext4

1 metalogger(s): CentOS 5.6 X64/ext4

8+ client machines:

History data, video data , web log and file backup
Palmerston North New Zealand

Hosting / Backup / Storage Solutions
10 TB Master server: Scientific Linux 6.2

2 chunk servers: FreeBSD 9

1 metalogger(s): Scientific Linux 6.2

1 client machines: Scientific Linux 6.2

Currently using moose as bulk storage for backups. Have a fibre link between main datacenter and moose. All customer hosted v …more

IT Services
5 TB Master server: centos 5.5

2 chunk servers: centos 5.5

1 metalogger(s): centos 5.5

15 client machines: linux

used on file service
Altus IT
Selska 93, Zagreb

IT Services
32 TB Master server: CentOS 6.0

2 chunk servers: CentOS 6.0

2 metalogger(s): CentOS 6.0

5 client machines: CentOS 6.0

Shared storage for KVM based cloud, backups
Glimworm IT BV
Eerste Weteringplantsoen 8, 1017sk Amsterdam

IT Services
2 TB Master server: Centos

2 chunk servers: 2

2 metalogger(s): 2

4 client machines: 4

Shared server storage
A-Jam Studio
Dubna, Russia

IT Services
20 TB Master server: Debian Linux

4 chunk servers

Used for data storage for web and vpn.
Namaqua Wines
Vredendal, South Africa

8 TB Master server: Debian 6.0.4

2 chunk servers: Debian 6.0.4

Used for network file server and backups.

22 TB Master server: Mac OSX 10.6.8

6 chunk servers: ARM Archlinux/ext3

1 metalogger(s): Mac OSX 10.6.8 Server

3 client machines: Mac OSX 10.6.8

Storage of original media capture files. Serving media files to Final Cut Pro editing workstations. Chunkservers are embed …more
Celal Bayar University
Manisa Turkey

12 TB Master server: debian 6.0

3 chunk servers: debian 6.0

2 metalogger(s): debian 6.0

6 client machines: Linux

qmail-dovecot-vpopmail-mysql cluster
Université Abderrahmane Mira de Bejaia
Route de Targa Ouzemmour

2 TB Master server: Debian 6

3 chunk servers: Debian 6

1 metalogger(s): Debian 6

10 client machines: Debian 6 / Centos

mysql data replication
xen virtual machine backend storage
Campus de Elviña, Coruña

10 TB Master server: Debian 5.0.8

11 chunk servers

Distributed File Storage for a Network Personal Video Recorder/Streamer infrastucture.
Technical University of Lodz, Laboratory of Isotope Effect Studies
Żeromskiego 116, 90-924 Łódź

5 TB Master server: CentOS 6.0

14 chunk servers: CentOS 6.0

2 metalogger(s): CentOS 6.0

15 client machines: CentOS 6.0

MooseFS is used to store /home directory of our latest server (which is used for scientific calculations).
BNCF – National Central Library of Florence
Piazza dei Cavalleggeri, 1, 50122 Firenze

32 TB Master server: Debian

4 chunk servers

Backend storage for OpenNebula KVM private cloud.
TU Graz, Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics
Petersgasse 16, 801 Graz

7 TB Master server: Debian GNU/Linux – Stable

26 chunk servers: Debian GNU/Linux – Stable

3 metalogger(s): Debian GNU/Linux – Stable

80 client machines: Debian GNU/Linux – Stable, some Unstable

We use MooseFS to have distributed scratch pace for transient and semi permanent data in Simultaions. By this way we can util …more
Bohaterów Września 9 Warszawa

IT Services
19 TB Master server: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0

4 chunk servers: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0

4 metalogger(s): Debian GNU/Linux 6.0

5 client machines: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0

Virtualization via KVM and XEN – over 60 hosts

Oldenburg, Germany
22 TB Master server: Arch Linux/ext4

4 chunk servers: Arch Linux/ext4/jfs

1 metalogger(s): Arch Linux/ext4

100 client machines: Windows/Mac/Linux

Media storage, KVM images, Backups.
reina mercedes, seville, spain

IT Services
3 TB Master server: Debian 6.0.1

50 chunk servers: Debian 6.0.1

1 metalogger(s): Debian 6.0.1

51 client machines: Debian 6.0.1

Shared storage for cloud IaaS.
Sundsvall Sweden

IT Services
3 TB Master server: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

3 chunk servers: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – 11.04

2 metalogger(s): Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – 11.04

3 client machines: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – 11.04

Media, backup
DSX-Networks SPRL
rue de la filature 4B12 Saint-Denis, Belgium

2 TB Master server: Scientific Linux

2 chunk servers6 client machines:

DSX-Networks is a web hosting company. We have install all our new Infrastructure with load-balancing and virtualization with …more
Wild Things Safaris
Dar es Salaam

6 TB Master server: Ubuntu

12 chunk servers: 1

All the unused space on all the office laptops combined for backup, photo repository and general office fileserver.
Scouting Erica
The Netherlands, Naarden

200 GB Master server: Debian Squeeze

2 chunk servers: Debian Squeeze

1 client machines: Debian Squeeze

Small test setup providing storage space for mongodb database files. In our use case performance increased after switching f …more
Vienna, Austria

IT Services
2 TB Master server: OpenSuSE / ReiserFS

4 chunk servers: OpenSuSE / ReiserFS

1 metalogger(s): OpenSuSE / ReiserFS

4 client machines: OpenSuSE / ReiserFS

Virtualisation via KVM
Internet Today ISP
Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

Hosting / Backup / Storage Solutions
20 TB Master server: Debian 5.0

2 chunk servers: Debian 5.0

2 metalogger(s): Debian 5.0

8 client machines: Debian 5.0

MooseFS is replacing our glusterFS storage.. The master and chunkservers are connected with 20Gb infiniband, al the nodes …more
Chester, UK

IT Services
20 TB Master server: Ubuntu Server 10.10, ext4

6 chunk servers: Ubuntu Server 10.10, ext4

1 metalogger(s): Ubuntu Server 10.10, ext4

6 client machines: Ubuntu Server 10.10

We have build a cloud storage platform which presents iSCSI targets to VMware ESXi… and it rocks! We have plans to scale t …more
Instant Solutions
rua da quitanda 62 rio de janeiro brazil

10 TB Master server: Linux CentoOS

3 chunk servers

Call Center voice recording backups for the financial sector.
Centrum Komputerowe Politechniki Łódzkiej
ul. Stefanowskiego 18/22

12 TB Master server: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

12 chunk servers: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

1 metalogger(s): Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

10-100 client machines: Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD

SGE + Ubuntu 10.04/none
Sophia Antipolis, France

Hosting / Backup / Storage Solutions
120 TB Master server: CentOS 5.5

15 chunk servers: CentOS 5.5

2 metalogger(s): CentOS 5.5

Secured and redundant backups storage. Keep growing several times a year, with our customers needs : just by adding new chun …more
Another Service
Marseille, France

8 TB Master server: Debian 6.0

6 chunk servers

Open Source Cloud Computing
No. 29, 13th. Avenue, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area(TEDA), Tianjin, China

1 PB Master server: ext3

100 chunk servers: ext3

2 metalogger(s): ext3

103 client machines: Gentoo

made a Virtual cloud storage systems,base moosefs + python progs.

Admin: Yuri

Beijing China

2 TB Master server: rhel5

3 chunk servers: ext3

2 metalogger(s): ext3

19 client machines: ext3

storage for web server
Hue AS

16 TB Master server: Arch Linux

7 chunk servers: Arch Linux, OpenSUSE

3 metalogger(s): Arch Linux

4 client machines: Arch Linux

Additional storage for seismic data, backup and sharing files internally. Some of the chunks servers have RAID as well. Tried …more
Chichma Television Station
Chishmy City, Parkovaya 18a

22 TB Master server: Ubuntu 10.04

8 chunk servers: Debian lenny in coLinux virtualisation

metalogger’s server combined by chunk servers metalogger(s): Debian lenny in coLinux virtualisation

10 client machines: —-

as Big data storage for operative backups
4 TB Master server: RHEL 5.5

4 chunk servers: RHEL 5.5

1 metalogger(s): RHEL 5.5

4 client machines: RHEL 5.5

used on image server
Variant Resource
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
2 TB Master server: FreeBSD/UFS

6 chunk servers: FreeBSD/UFS

1 metalogger(s): FreeBSD/UFS

4 client machines: FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS

1. Samba based on Debian shares MooseFS for Windows clients 2. Asterisk puts on MooseFS recorded voice of phone call. Asteri …more
DaZhong Network
news building,Luoyuan street number 6,Lixia District, Jinan, china

Entertainment / Media
1 TB Master server: CentOS 5.3 /ext3

6 chunk servers: CentOS 5.5/ext4,ext3

1 metalogger(s): CentOS 5.3/ext3

30+ client machines: CentOS 5.5/ext3

main include :web images,files,weblogs,mysql data backup .data backup .etc.
Ottawa, Canada

IT Services
2 TB Master server: linux

2 chunk servers: linux

1 metalogger(s): linux

8 client machines: linux inside virtual box

wanted something better than NFS, CIFS for the shared file system between the virtual machine host and the many small develop …more
Vision international Centre,No.1 Park Zhongguancun East Road,Haidian District,

IT Services
5 TB Master server: rhel5/ext3

7 chunk servers: rhel5/ext3

1 metalogger(s): rhel5/ext3

20+ client machines: rhel5/ext3

Storage and Web
Suqian college
China, jiangsu, suqian, SuChengOu area adjacent to huanghe road 399 number

12 TB Master server: Freebsd 8.1 UFS

7 chunk servers: Freebsd UFS

Chuck increasing ……
Beyond Oblivion
New York

Entertainment / Media
500 TB Master server: Arch Linux

40 chunk servers: ArchLinux/xfs

2 metalogger(s): ArchLinux/xfs

20+ client machines: ArchLinux/xfs

Warsaw, Poland

Business Services
2 PB Master server: Debian Stable /ext3

300 chunk servers: Debian 5.x, Ubuntu 10.04 / ext3 / XFS

5 metalogger(s): Debian 5.x / ext3

500 client machines: FreeBSD 7.2, Debian 5.x, Ubuntu 10.04 / ext3

This is our main installation and is used as storage for data mining. Our network has a speed of 1Gb. About 10% of files …more
Guangzhou China

36 TB Master server: RHEL5.4/Ext3

4 chunk servers: RHEL5.4/Ext3

1 metalogger(s): RHEL5.4/Ext3

4 client machines: RHEL5.4/Ext3

Web log archive
University of Debrecen

4 TB Master server: Ubuntu 9.04

7 chunk servers: Ubuntu 9.04

2 metalogger(s): Ubuntu 9.04

7 client machines: Debian, Ubuntu

File server


6 TB Master server: Homebrew T2 based linux distro

4 chunk servers: ubuntu server

1 metalogger(s): ubuntu server

1 client machines: ubuntu server

Used for home media movies & 100,000 mp3′s. Mainly on used dells and one atom based box. Serves via samba to windows machine …more
Saigon, Vietnam

30 GB Master server: Debian Lenny

2 chunk servers: Debian Lenny / ext3

2 metalogger(s): Debian Lenny / ext3

Currently 9. To be increased soon client machines: Debian Lenny / ext3

We are using MooseFS to backup, to share data between nodes and to store (many) temporary files (created by image processors) …more

hong kong
30 TB Master server: linux debian lenny 5.0

3 chunk servers

videos file
A.V. Estrellas Altas
barcelona, spain

1200 TB Master server: Opensuse

160 chunk servers: opensuse/centos

4 metalogger(s): opensuse

21 client machines: opensuse/centos/Clearos/sme-server/Zential

backup, storage, two cluster x 80 chunkservers, 2 mfsmasters per cluster, primary cluster and rsync to secondary cluster.
Spain, Huesca

Hosting / Backup / Storage Solutions
200 TB Master server: Opensuse

25 chunk servers: opensuse/centos

4 metalogger(s): opensuse

10 client machines: opensuse/centos/Clearos/sme-server/Zential

backup / Storage
Euratechnologies, lille

120 TB Master server: CentOS x86_64/ext4

7 chunk servers: CentOS x86_64/ext4

1 metalogger(s): CentOS x86_64/ext4

20 client machines: CentOS x86_64/ext4

Satellites images scientific processing. gbps network, with jumbo frames. Master is also chunkserver. Master has 3 nics bond …more
上海浦东新区牛顿路 200号

5 TB Master server: RHEL AS 4.6

13 chunk servers: RHEL AS 4.6/4.8

1 metalogger(s): RHEL AS 4.6

1 client machines: RHEL AS 4.6

It is used for data backup storage.

31 rue Henri Degré Dijon France
12 TB Master server: Gentoo/XFS

1 chunk servers: Gentoo/XFS

1 metalogger(s): Gentoo/ext4

1 client machines: Gentoo

Huge Capacity and Data protection for personal files. With mooseFS I can very easily add chunk server to extend storage ca …more
Douban Inc.
Beijing, China

155 TB Master server: Gentoo Linux / ReiserFS 3.6

24 chunk servers: Gentoo Linux / ReiserFS / XFS

3 metalogger(s): Gentoo Linux / ReiserFS 3.6

37 client machines: Gentoo Linux

data backup: including weblog, mysql, images (tar), mp3, software, etc. sharing storage for InfoBright (fast snapshot), MP …more
Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza
iasi,Bulevardul Carol 1

6 TB Master server: 1

1 chunk servers: 65

The storage is installed on cluster
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